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Void Pro RGB causes serious FPS issues in Dota2


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So I have the Void Pro RGB headset, and ever since I first got them, I get this really weird issue with Dota2. No issues in any other games (CS:GO, Fallout 4, Skyrim, PUBG, etc).


Basically I'll start up my game, and whether i'm on the main screen, or in a match, or any other UI of the game, if I minimize the game for any reason, there's probably about a 30% chance that when I re-open the game window, I will drop from 100+ FPS to 3FPS, and my game will stutter, by about half a second. Everything from my mouse cursor, to the sound of the game volume, to the actual background of the game will lag. It's the strangest issue, but it only occurs during Dota2.


I've tried re-installing drivers & iCue, and it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I'm in fullscreen mode, or windowed mode. I'm using the latest version of iCUE, v3.17.94


Anyone have this issue?

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