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Rambus and Dell Precision 220


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I have this ancient Dell Precision 220 Server that I run my office MS Exchange 2000 on & Win2K Server. Been using it for about 3 years. The machine was donated to us (We're a church). It has a 933 PIII (dual processor, using only one though) and 256megs of ram.


Because of all the viruses and stuff that is out there we added serverside email virus checking from AVG. Realized that I need more ram. I contaced Dell, got the specs and ordered the stick: Corsair CM616DR256A-800E. Basically, Rambus 256mb/800 128x16 184pin.


Now the problem. I replace the crimm that was in ram slot B with the new stick. The machine will not even go into post. Or at least the display doesnt comeup. The HD spins clicks a little then nada. So I figured that I have a prob with ram slot B. I took the oem ram out of slot A and put the new stick in slot A and the crimm back in slot B. Same thing. So it would not work in slot A with crimm in slot B nor with oem in slot A and corsair in B nor oen in slot B and new stick in slot A.


Do I have a bad stick? The new stick I mean. And what do I do? The bios just tells me how much ram I have installed.

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I am sorry but with this MB you would need to use the same module but with no "A" in the part# and no E on the end of the part#. CM616DR256-800. But I will warn you this part may be hard to find.
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