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HELP! Corsair AX1200i - Immediately Powers Off with Red LED!

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For months my system has been working fine with no issues whatsoever! In terms of hardware nothing has changed since but this evening, all of a sudden the entire systems powers off out of the blue. :mad:


Then I attempt to power on again, it does nothing. Power off the PSU at the switch for a minute and on again, then powering up the system, the PSU Immediately goes to off, and the red light shows again. Pressing the self-testing switch does nothing, the indicator remains red.


Now I've tried a different PSU in my system, to help debug but that seems to work fine. No sudden power-downs or anything, I can play games for hours without any issues. So I assume this AX1200i has also died? Shame, it was originally shipped to me as a replacement for the older AX1200 which also died.. :eek:


Now, since your support system has changed, I don't know how to check how much warranty is remaining. Is this possible? I login to my profile but there's no details of me ever opening a previous RMA or anything..

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