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[Scimitar Pro RGB] [iCUE 3.17.94] Leftclick Autorepeat frequently stuck "click down"


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Recorded actions:

Left mouse button press

pause 25

Left mouse button release


Action trigger: while pressed


Action repeat: repeat constantly


Repeat delay: 25-50 ms

(this has also been static with no change in behavior for 25/50 ms)



Same exact type of macro works flawlessly with no issues from: AHK, Logitech mouse/software.



As title says, mouse left click appears to stay in a "down" state frequently when using a rapidfire click macro.


I can clear the issue by manually left clicking.


I've tried adding additional "left mouse button release" events to the start and end of the macro and it does not resolve the issue.


Since it happens to anything I assign the action to (M1, M2, G1-12, etc) I'm assuming it has nothing to do with the mouse itself.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(This was originally posted to "Corsair Product Discussion > Keyboards and Mice" and retrospectively that was probably not the most appropriate place to post it given that the problem is likely with the iCUE software and not the mouse itself, so I'm reposting it here since I can't move the thread)

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