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Could someone more experienced and with more knowledge make me a diagram picture thingie for how everything is conected.


Needed in diagram:

What fans should go to what rgb fan led hub and commander.

how to chain everything that can go in a chain.

Different colors for different cable types.

Legend so i know what color is what.


can i put commander ontop of eachother or will they be too hot for that to be smart?


Can i get ahold of extension cables for the fans and their rgb lightning that doesnt cost like 10bucks a cable or should i just place the commanders in the closest spots?


I cant get ahold of the y header cables as they are out of stock everytime i check.


This is the items that i have and can use:


18 LL120 fans (16 in the front 2 in the back)

3 LL140 fans in the top.

3 Commander Pros (included the one preinstalled in case)

3 RGB Fan Led Hub (included the one preinstalled in case)

2 2080 Waterblocks with rgb lighting (Has input and output so can be used in chain.

1 i9 9900KF waterblock with rgb lighting (only one cable for rgb no chain thingies)

1 XD5 RGB pump/reservoir (input and output for RGB and one 4pin pump connector cable)


Motherboard : MSI Z390 MEG ACE


I want a diagram as im having a hard time following text guides and its so much easier to do it in the actuall case with a diagram. I know there are plenty of similar diagrams out there but i cant understand where to connect the stuff that i have thats not in those builds so thats why i need this aswell.


Edit: I will need to buy some more stuff for sure but a diagram would be useful so i dont buy to much stuff

Edit 2: https://imgur.com/IXrnSaj will this work or did i just waste one hour?

Edit 3: Looks like my diagram would work!


Thanks in Advance!

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