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AX 1200i PSU shut down with red light issue

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Hi, i post here cause it try to open a ticket on 17 june 2019 request 2000452269 but actually no answer at all.

I was working and the pc shut down

it was 32°C inside house day, i try to reboot but impossible to do then i open the case and i see red light on the power supply indicator near "self test". i try to boot 3 times without success it stay red. i try interuptor behind but it stay red. Directly i google it

"AX1200i red light" on forum to have some explain then i take AX1200i CORSAIR manual and it was written to contact Corsair services. I try to shut down the

interuptor on the back side of PSU but when i power on after red light return.

So i decide to take off PSU from the case to see if something visual went wrong. Nothing visualy the PSU look correct and clean no burn smelling.

I put the PSU off the case without any cable and try to self test after 3 trys the PSU start to click and the fan moves and the green lite return.

So i decide to put it back in the case with cables. i boot correctly and then few minutes later the pc shut down again.

I try to boot but the PSU was starting with a click sound inside, green lite and shut down automatically in second (5 times in a minute)

i start to being afraid for the pc componants with power "on and off" many times in small delay and i decide to ask help.

Actually the PSU is off the pc and i decide to take the PSU out the pc. This PSU is from June 2016. hope you will propose a solution soon.

because iam know using tablet to write this.



ps: sorry for bad english...

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Most often this is caused by the UEFI when it detects a problem, it's not the PSU


make sure you have front intake fans and rear/top exhaust fans to move air fast


also looser memory timings seem to make machines more stable than the BIOS defaults


the red light 95% of the time is thermal related


I also modified my PSU with a custom fan profile using the Corsair Link which keeps the PSU fan running and that has eliminated problems

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I redid a test after writing the starting post the pc worked "one hour" before going away again with the red led on the power supply.


It's not possible for me to stay like that with a pc that goes off without reason. I decided to dismount the PSU AX1200i out of the computer since I had the problems mentioned above.


I recently mounted another PSU lent by a friend (Corsair AX1200) and the pc works properly since (I mean to boot the first shot and left normally while gaming and working).


This is temporary fix because i will have to get back this lending PSU soon.


This does not come from boot UEFI (even if it's nice to try to find a solution on your part) or my ventilation & extraction that I completely redone last year with corsair fans on the watercooling unit (120mm x2 upper side & 140 mm backside) for "hot" air extraction and "fresh" intraction from the tower (Noctua 200 mm x2 HDD front side & GPU's left side).


I had to entirely remove all the AX1200i cables from the pc to mount this AX1200 and cabling again the PC to make testing.


Never had any problem since day one of first monting this AX1200i PSU and now something go wrong maybe a sensor or i dont know but


This AX1200i power supply is in it original box and waiting for someone from the corsair maintenance service to take care of my problematic and indicate me an address where send back this PSU to take care of it as it is planned in case of problem.


Thank you

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You still have not received a reply yet, huh?? That's a bummer because I have this exact same issue even if it's out of my case plugged into nothing

With the jumper on the end to have it run the light turns red in 5 seconds maybe10


last post was 06-30-2019, would have thought it was long sorted by now


if you have this issue then start a support ticket. link found at top of this page.


Hope you get sorted :)

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I ended up having to swap out my PSU as the AX860i finally would not POST for more than 60 minutes before it shut down


Corsair sent my an HX1000i which has worked fine since.


Light on this one alternates red/green as the iCue monitors it.

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