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H150i led burnt out


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I bought my h150i Jan 2018. Its worked fine since past month. The led was working cycling thru colors I noticed but not the color scheme I had set up in link. Link wasn't showing the pump led. Also the fans are operating fine. I reinstalled software etc no changes. Tried a new cord nothing happened. Changed USB ports with the one that was working for the psu link and that didn't do anything. Use a micro USB to i/o USB and that did nothing. Had other cords from another cooler and swapped out that did nothing. Did clean windows install and reinstalled software again and nothing happened. Now the led light flickered on and heard some sort of noise almost like a pop. The LED light on pump is completely dead did all the same cord swapping etc no results. Obviously fans are working and pump is on CPU temps stay around 27c. Also tried using icue program only psu shows up no cooler.


For the last few days I have been calling support. It says that agents are busy and wait time is 11 min at that 11 min mark the calls says no agents are available and drops call. Like I said I have been calling past week multiple times a day to no avail. I submitted a ticket and I am assuming it will never get answered also. Ticket#2000454545.


This is quite frustrating because all my builds I ONLY really use Corsair products I love them and their reliability and I love the new LINK software. I am having second thoughts now on this because of the inability to contact support. I have a problem with ASUS I call and get a fix immediately! Having spent thousands on Corsair products and this happening kinda hurts. Please help

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