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Corsair H100i V2 not being picked up by link or Icue


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I've had my setup for about 1 year and I've suddenly noticed that my H100i V2 led wasn't lighting up anymore.


I started looking into this matter and I found out that neither Corsair Link or Icue were picking up the H100i V2.


After a bunch of digging and going through the forums I've done about all I currently can:


- changing the CPU fan speed in the bios so the pump gets the 12V of power it needs.

- seeing if its being detected by using USBDeview (it did show up this morning but it doesnt now)

- Tried using different hubs on the MOBO

- Tried using different cable.

- Reinstalled all software.


The led light actually does turn on but for a split second after which it gives of a faint green/white- ish glow.


It does this light flickering thing for my CPU FAN header, AIO pump header and CPU OPT header.


I'm also currently using the commander node pro and a lightning node pro in combination to power/ control 5 fans (my cpu fans arent connected to the aio pump connectors but to the lightning node pro).


Please help a person thats near despair!



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