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HS70 Mic & charging problems


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Hi, would anyone have any advice on the following;


Problem 1

Headset not holding charge.


The headset has been on charge, sometimes icue will show that it is charging, sometimes it will show a battery % that starts in the red and works it's way up to 100%. When I then unplug the USB cable the icue reading reverts back in to the red before the headset powers off.


Problem 2

Mic problem


The mic is permanently set to off.


When powering on the headset, the mic works and windows registers voice inputs. Roughly 2 seconds after powering on the headset then says "mic off" at which point windows no longer register any voice input.


A single press on the mic button toggles the mic on/off display in icue but does not actually switch the mic back on.


Trouble shooting to date


I have;


Checked that the mic boom is connected and seated correctly

Uninstalled and reinstalled icue

Uninstalled HS70 drivers and reinstalled

Restarted PC more times than I can recall



I have raised a ticket already, #2000453871 but have yet to receive a response.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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