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Hello ,


I'm planning a build at the moment and noticed lots of the new motherboards don't have internal 'USB 2' ports to connect the Commander pro and AIO etc! ( They all seem to be USB 3)


Will I need to use something like this if my mobo only has usb 3 headers?




Will this work (I'm a bit of a noob) .


I'm also thinking I'll need one of these to plug into that adapter -





And this is the motherboard I have my eye on at the moment , released on the 7th of July so just trying to make sure I have every thing I need:




USB 2 wise , I have the Commander pro , 6 fans and lighting node pro kit , I'll be using the kraken X72 , which also needs usb 2. I think it's crazy these new boards don't have usb 2 inputs. Unless I'm missing something??


Any advise appreciated , thanks.


(edit , just re-checking the specs on that board and I think it has 4 x usb 2 ports) .. :) Doh!

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