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Multiple strange problems out of nowhere

Dark Autumn

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Out of nowhere my keyboard started to show multiple strange and annoying problems. This is really weird as the keyboard is brand-new.


What's happening?

Problem number 1: After a while, the caps/num/scroll lock lights stop lighting up although the keys and the functions are working normally.

Problem number 2: Sometimes the lights freeze randomly.

Problem number 3: If I exit iCUE and open it again, the keyboard will not show up at all. Sometimes it does, and when it does, it appears with a warning sign.

Problem number 4: Sometimes the keyboard goes crazy. It is like super slow, I press for example caps lock, the light will light up several seconds later and if I try to type anything it will also appear several seconds later and the letters will keep repeating until I press another key. Like "thissssssssssss", "s" will keep repeating until I press another key or "S" again. I have to wait a lot of time for it to come back to normal or unplug the keyboard.


Unplugging the keyboard, exiting iCUE and opening it again fixes the problems but I don't want to do it everytime a problem occurs because it's just SO annoying.


I tried updating windows, changing USB ports, updating iCUE, updating firmware, resetting the keyboard, update USB drivers and I still have these problems. I just don't know what to do anymore...


I really need help with this, guys. This is my second Strafe keyboard with problems and my warranty just ended, I got this new one around November 2018 and I don't think I can RMA it. :( Do you get a new 2-year warranty when Corsair gives you a new product after RMA?

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Corsair Tech Support is a separate website. You can access it from the main Corsair site or by clicking the "Support Ticket System" in the header at the top of the page. There is not a lot of things we can do to help you from a user standpoint. You have already tried the customary fixes. The keyboard seems to have some serious issues and your probably need to do a hard reset and reload the firmware to a blank board. Tech Support has the file you need. They also hopefully can answer your warranty question or offer another solution.
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