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Strafe RGB Num lock, Caps lock, and Scroll lock lights flashing.


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This evening I attempted to change the colors of my keyboard to a solid white. The "white" was actually a blue color, so I thought trying to update things would work. 80% of the way through the update, the keyboard disconnects and can no longer be used. I went through with the update of iCue and rebooted my computer. When booting again, the keyboard has no lights on, except for the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock lights flashing. It is recognized in the iCue software, and when I try to upgrade the firmware again, it fails and disconnects completely.


I tried using the downloads in the stickied post, but none of the files appear to be executable after downloading, I am also not sure where to find the keyboard firmware files to "reflash before downgrading CUE."


I attempted to reset it by holding ESC while replugging the keyboard but it did not do anything. Ive also tried removing all drivers, iCUE, and reinstalling, but that also did not work.


I'd appreciate any help, thanks!


EDIT: Updating the firmware on USB 2.0 ports fixed the problem...

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