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iCUE no longer picking up my Corsair Products


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I own a k95 RGB Keyboard and a M65 mouse.


The keyboard is lit up as its default color, and the sound scroll wheel isn't responding.


I opened up ICUE and it isn't picking up either product. I decided just to uninstall iCUE and reinstall it after reading this sometimes fixes things. But when I go to uninstall, it takes forever then will run into an error saying "Cannot Uninstall at this time". I've tried this like 6 times.


I've tried the following:

-replugging/unplugging my products

-restarting pc

-running/uninstalling as admin

-making sure ALL running programs to do with iCue and Corsair have been closed during installation.


Any help would be super duper appriecated, I am very sick of the angry red keyboard and no mouse macros :c

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