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M65 DOA from second-hand dealer

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Hello all!


So here is my dilemma. I have purchased an M65 Pro mouse from a local store titled: "Gimme-A-$5". Basically, it is just RMA'd products and returns from companies, which are then sold for a discount. So knowing this, I went ahead and purchased a mouse I found there because it was too good to pass up.


However, the mouse does have issues, which I was afraid would be the case. When plugged in, the mouse simply does nothing. It does not register with the pc, light up, or work in any apparent way.


I am a private electronics repairman, so I have went in trying to find out what the issue is (I thought maybe a loose plug or disconnected wire), but everything checks out. When plugged in, I even checked the wires to verify they were getting power, and from what I could tell with a precision multimeter, everything was powered fine and that power was being dispersed throughout all of the plugs and such. Still no working mouse though.


My question is: Does anyone know about repairing these or what might be causing this issue? The most I can do to repair is re-wiring and minor soldering, but no tools/experience with micro-soldering on things like the motherboard.


Please help me out here! I know it is a bit cheap of me to want to fix it instead of getting a new one, but I am a new college graduate who is about to buy a new vehicle, so money is pretty tight right now. Any help is appreciated!

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