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PSU Cables missing

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Hi everyone


So recently I bought a used RM850i for a new build I'm doing for myself.


I got a good price for it and it was used in a mining rig with another RM850i in parallel. The thing never got over 50% usage and the fan never even spun.


The issue is some cables are broken and some are even missing. The person I bought it from said he would order new cables because as I understand you need all the cables for RMA to be valid.


The PSU still has 9 years on the warranty so I just need some cables and I'm set.


I'm missing:



1x CPU 8pin

1x 700mm SATA

2x 850mm SATA

Both Corsair link cables

All MOLEX to floppy adapter/cables


The PSU is in perfect condition. Not even a dust spec on it. Which of these cables do I need for RMA to be valid in case I need it, and where can I get them for a humane price.


I'm doing this to help the person who sold me the PSU so he can get a decent price for the missing cables and so I can be sure that I can RMA the PSU if something happens.

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