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AX1200i 10 second boot then shut down


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Hey all,


I have a AX1200i and everything was working until the other day, I think something may have tripped in the PSU.


When I boot my PC it launches for about 10-15 seconds and then shuts down with a red light.


- It passes self test when nothing is plugged in however no fan spin on test.

- If I have anything plugged into it, it gives me no light when self testing and still no fan spin.

- When I performed the paper clip test, it ran for about 10-15 seconds before shutting down with a red light. Still no fan spin.


The fan looks like its *trying* to spin but cant move at all. You can see it jump when its going through boot, but inevitably doesn't move.


Perhaps the fan died causing the PSU to trip?

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