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Corasair 2x512 3200LLPRO Problems

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I have also ran into problems with my 2x512mb Corsair 3200LLPRO. I first notice this when my system began to get random reboots and started to crash for no reaosn when applications were not even running. So i decided to run mem86 test on these 2 sticks of ram. I tested each one seperatly and discover one stick failed the test and the other one passed. When i ran the working stick alone in my rig i could game perfectly and ran into no problems at all. I set my timing to 2-3-2-6 with 2.8v in my bios and i booted fine. I also flashed my bios to the most recent one. Everything else is set to default.





PNY 6800nu

120gb Western Digital 7200RPM

600w OCZ PSU

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