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I do not understand

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I have


Abit AV8

Athlon 64 3500+

2 sets 512*4 of Twinx3200LLpro


I have been having some problems with my comp for quite some time now. Randomly I will get the BSOD and games will crash during level loading and other random instances. I posted not long ago about my problems and with memtest86 and your help Ram Guy (thanks) I was able to find that one of my modules was bad. So, I stopped using those until I get it RMA'd (still in the process of trying to get RMA for that one). By chaning voltages and timings manually and testing each module individually I found that one of the modules was bad with memtest. So, I started over, re-formatted my HD, installed the two supposedly good modules and installed windows again. However, my comp still crashes, just not as often as before. So I ran memtest86 again for well over an hour without any errors. Then I came across Prime95. Prime95 will only run for about an hour before my comp crashes to the BSOD. I also still have the random game crashes. I have been using the Blend test which is supposed to test all ram and very little CPU. The other tests within Prime95 do not have the same crashes. I have run the Blend test quite a few times and it crashes during the same test everytime.... 4500 Lucas-Lehmer Iterations 896k FFT. I have an old pair of CMX512*2 pc2700 that are laying around so I stuck them in and Prime95 ran for over 6hours without a problem. Also, when using the old CMX's I do not have the same random crashes that I normally get.


So I guess my question is what is my problem? Do I have a warranty issue and if so why do they pass memtest86 but not Prime95? Is there something that I am missing with the Twinx3200LLpros?


Sorry for the long post. Dusty

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Can you tell me the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?


My CPU is at default settings along with the FSB.


My ram has been set manually to what you specified last time I posted


voltage 2.7

and 2-3-2-6 timings


Other than that everything else on the board is at default settings, except for disabling the onboard audio and 1394 controller.


Here is the linky to my other post that you helped me out with last time.



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I have the Twinx pair set to DDR400 and I have tested each module individually and 1 set at a time with memtest for at least 30 min without any errors. Should I test them longer? In Prime95 the Twinx pair crashes to the BSOD after an hour while the old CMX pair doesn't after 6 hours.


My complete system

Abit AV8

Athlon 64 3500+ 90nm

1 gig Twinx3200llpro (although currently running old 1 gig CMX pc2700 bc of this issue)

Vortec 600W extreme gamer PSU

visontek x800xt PE

2*80 gig hitachi sata hd in raid 0

1*80 gig WD hd for storage

1.44 floppy

16x dvd-r drive

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Set these to DDR333 and see if the problem goes away. But I think its just a setting. Also what slots do you have the modules in and what do you have the settings set to in your bios for both CPU and memory?
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I must have fixed it. I went snooping around in the bios some more and eventually I only changed one setting. I changed the 2T timing manually from [auto] to [1t]. After that I ran Prime95 with all the same previous settings for about 10hours without a problem. So, I think it is fixed now. Thanks for the help Ram Guy.
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