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MP510 & Windows 7


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I`m trying to put a MP510 to work in my Dell T3600 with Windiows 7.


My Dell does not support NVMe, I had to use a PCIe x4 adapter.


I installed Win7 on a blank 80GB SATA HD that I keep for tests, but it does not recognize MP510.


Then I installed Corsair SSD Toolbox, it only reported my 80GB HD.


I can´t remember well, but I think I saw it as "PCI storage device", maybe in BIOS, maybe device manager.



Question 1: How can I install Win7 on MP510?

I saw some webpages showing that I can boot from a USB drive with boot manager and drivers, and then continue boot on MP510.

I´d like to hear from the experts in the forum...



Question 2: How can I make an existing instalation of Win7 "see" MP510, so I can read MP510 in case of disaster - take the PCIe card out and put in another PC.

UPDATE: I totally forgot to check Disk Management!!!!! DUHHHH.... Looks that unlike USB drives, they don´t come formatted.. I´ll try it and update. Can´t believe I fell on this one....:brick:


Thank you!


About my computer specs... I had one like that! Call me dinossaur.:D:

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