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White LL120 Fans flickering after overclock tweak


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Initially these fans worked perfectly, I overclocked my x470 prime pro to 36.0 cpu ratio and 1.35v. It was getting too hot so i decided to turn it down to about 34.0 but changed the voltage to 1.20v not knowing what i was doing. This caused my whole system to get messed up and rgb lights to turnoff and flicker, the system was on but wouldnt load up. I had to manually reset the BIOS and remove the CMOS. Thereafter, the fans wouldnt act the same and came on brighter than before. Usually pressing the power button would light up the fans but now it starts off dark w/ flickering until the desktop loads up. Then it lights up with flickering intervals.

Any advice for this? at the time of the tweak, it caused my other rgb fans to turn off too, these are on its own hub.

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