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I might have figured something out about the Dark Core SE mouse


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So, I bought this mouse a few months ago... the damn thing stopped responding almost withing the first 10 mins of using it. I tried everything from updating the firmware to factory reset and nothing worked. I gave up on the mouse and put it aside to return it as defective. I got the Corsair Glaive to replace it and it worked well.


Let's face it, the Glaive won't win any beauty pageants any time soon, so when I got bored of how it looked, I remembered that I still had the Dark Core SE. I thought that maybe a few months passed. a firmware update must've fixed the problem... it didn't... I was running into the same issue within the first 10 mins again... so I was frustrated... but I'm stubborn, so I tried to get it fixed again... lol


This time, I noticed the device polling rate option. I had no idea what it does, and to be frank, I still don't lol... all I knew that mine was at 1000 Hz/ 1 msec. I though, what would happen if I dropped it. what would I have to lose and then :bigeyes:


24 hours without any frozen mouse or any issues with the Dark Core. Like none. It's working as smooth as butter now. I have no idea why, and literally the only thing I did differently was drop the device polling rate from 1000 to 500.


It can't be this simple... can it?:eek:

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