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Corsair 1.0 should I change bios?


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Love my bulldog. Had it for a while now and it still performs great. I have upgraded the bios to F7 a long time ago, but beyond that I figured I didn't need to bother since everything is working perfectly and I pretty much just use this as a Steam Box. Usually don't swap the bios unless absolutely necessary.


Reason for asking is the security with the 'older' Intel chips. Meltdown, Zombieload, etc. Do I really need to worry about these things? I rarely use this PC to browse the web and never really use it beyond Steam. The PC stays off honestly for most of the day and is only on for a few hours tops a day sometimes not at all. Have had it at a sweet spot for temps for gaming and it still kicks ***. Mild OC @ 4.4ghz the ram @ 3000mhz. All the games work and look great still (Playing the latest DMC now :D: ).


I don't really want to swap bios especially if it's going to impact performance on my PC and I don't even know if the latest bios on this mobo even protects against everything (doubt it). I'm not going to change CPU/RAM/GPU for this box and probably never really need to open it again other than for maintenance.


If it wasn't for this 'security flaw' I wouldn't even be here cus this thing still runs like a boss. Maybe it's time to go team red lol. Thanks in advance.

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