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"E" Key is dimmer than the rest of keys


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So after like 6 months of using this keyboard (K95 Platinum) I've noticed about 3 days ago that the "E" key is dimmer than rest of the keys. I tried to fix it by doing some "soft-reset" of my keyboard, because it fixed the problem that i had with my "O" key (it had wrong color) but it didn't work with "E". I've also checked all RGB channels and every color worked great, so i guess that the LED didn't burned.


I've lost my warranty card and i spent a lot of money on it and that's quite depressing :[pouts: so i hope it's not the problem with the product...


I'm lack of ideas what else i can do to fix it so i'm asking here for solutions for my problem


Here are some photos of it: https://imgur.com/a/zSaUgG6

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