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RM1000i + Vega 64 help please


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I have a problem with my strix Vega 64, Randomly under load or not under load my screen will go black with a few random thin multi colored lines going across. The sound will play for 10 or seconds after the black screen, They leds and fan keep running.


I sent the GPU back and received a new replacement and still have the same problem, I also tried my RX 480 and a friends GTX 1060 with no problems.


When i built the pc I installed a RM750x and was told by AMD that sometimes a 750 watt in not enough so I got a new RM1000i but the problem is still present.


I used two separate cords to connect to the GPU, I seen a YouTube video and it said you have to plug them into connections not close to each on the PSU, this made no sense to me but I dont know much about PSU's so i tried it.


I still have the same problem 3 or 4 times a day and don't want to throw anymore money at this if i can.


I have a large case with many fans and leds and a Noctua NH D15 cooler, I removed all Overclocks and still have the problem.


I have also done a clean install of windows 10 with all new drivers


The GPU does not get above 75c and a lot of the times its in the 50's when it crashes


any ideas or anything I can try would be greatly appreciated

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adding that the Fans and LED's stay on
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I will try this, normally I use a Samsung 4k 60 hz monitor for photo editing and light video editing as my side job/ hobby ( and why i really need it to be stable) and a Acer 1080p 144hz monitor for gaming. on both monitors I use Display port connections. Ill look for hmdi cables to try this idea. I hope i do not have to go to only using one monitor at a time and needing to switch back and worth but its worth trying.


Thank you for the idea

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