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iCUE suggestion about key remapping


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It would be nice to allow for a lightweight autohotkey-like scripts interpreter on both iCUE and onboard profiles for devices with onboard memory. There's many really trivial things which can't be done right now that would be crazy easy with a script

if(some key held down)
  remap(a, b)
  remap(windows, ctrl_left)
  macro q [shift down, h, shift up, e, l, l, o, space, w, o, r, l, d]


And no switching an entire profile having to reload all the mapping and lighting effects to access a layer while you hold a button is not a solution, it's a workaround.


Why isn't this a thing? It would make sense to be able to do that with an "advanced" software like iCue instead of having to install yet another application that takes more resources on the background.

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Maybe you'd like to look into the Corsair SDK?

That would still require an additional software running in the background that interfaces with icue and which for obvious reasons cannot be ported in K95's onboard profiles;

Using the SDK to work on key mapping and macros doesn't make more sense than just using AutoHotKey imo.

The SDK has its uses of course (integration with a specific software), but i wouldn't take it as an efficient device customization option.


If it was possible to directly interact with cue-compatible hardware without using icue as a middle layer it'd be different, and one could just write a stright icue replacement that supports anything without having 2 background programs running for it. Still no onboard profile but you avoid multiple programs.


Having icue support some kind of scripting and onboard profiles to a smaller extent on the other hand would be the best solution.

Supporting a script is so easy that corsair can hire me to come up with a script grammar, c++ parser, ast and interpreter for icue (although but i lack experience with the hardware for onboard support :D:), and i'm not even a professional developer (yet)

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