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Dark Core RGB Hardware suggestions for future improvement


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Hi guys,


I've owned some Corsair products for a number of years, and so far, haven't been disappointed, nor have I run into any problems I couldn't figure out easily.


I recently bought a Dark Core RGB a few months ago, and am quite pleased with the product. In comparison to the competitors, I believe the Dark Core uses better switches in the buttons, and has an overall better feeling build quality and this is what drew me to this mouse.


I have a suggestion to the development team in terms of hardware and features that I believe the mouse might be missing, and perhaps you all could take these things into consideration. The lack of these features I will mention made the choice even harder to select the Corsair product while I was shopping.


1) Tilt-Wheel: This has been a staple for me in gaming for a while, and I miss it. It also helps in navigating web pages that might be too wide for the monitor to handle in some cases.


2) Smooth/Stepped scrolling support: Most up-scale mouse products these days have a selector either on top or under the mouse to select if you want the scroll wheel to spin freely, or to click and step as it scrolls. While I am loving the scrolling action I do have, I think ti would be nice ot have the choice between smooth and stepped for scrolling those longer web pages.


I do have other suggestions for the mouse, but will put them under the iCUE section, as I believe they can be implemented with software.


There it is, short and sweet. Thanks for taking the time to read, and keep up the good work guys! Have a great day!

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