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A couple of to-do suggestions


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Hi everyone, I have some ideas:


-Is there a "screensaver-triggers a profile" feature yet? So that when the computer is idle, and a Windows screen saver starts up, it triggers a (user defined) lighting effect. I don't want to be too rude about this, but you got to be kidding me. How is this not the first thing to be implemented in icue? Several of the lighting effects are perfect for a screen saver. And what better usage for rgb lighting than that? What a lost opportunity.


-Is there a way to press a key, and get a ripple lighting effect across a (user defined) zone, but only this key alone has this lighting effect? I can't seem to do this. Currently, within the lighting zone where I want the ripple effect, all of those keys will trigger the effect when pressed. But I just want that one key to trigger it.


-I was going to comment on the "driver not enabled" rainbow effect. But I just learned about the onboard hardware profile workaround. Haven't tried it yet. You guys seem to have a thing for rainbows.


-The mx cherry speed switches feel great and are super fast. But they sound really friggin weird. They have this twangy reverb sound. Like a robot sound from an 80's sci-fi movie. I feel like I'm using a WWII typewriter or something. And the k95 rgb platinum wrist rests are brutally uncomfortable.

I guess the suggestion here is self evident.


-I recently read about some of the experienced forum users here are developing something about monitoring computer info and displaying it with lighting, or something. Which gave me the idea, that it would be really great to have a lighting effect that monitors computer performance and gives a lighting output accordingly. Some possible things to monitor: CPU load, RAM usage, fan speed, temp, internet ping etc. For each thing, there could be some keys the user could dedicate to show a bar graph, depending on current state. One green key: Good. Two amber keys: over 50% usage. Three red keys: over 80% usage. ...You get the idea.


-The media keys on the k95 rgb platinum (using the icue2 provided media macros) are actually quite useless. I have yet to find any program where they do anything. I'm guessing windows media player. But I don't use that, don't know anyone who does. I'm just happy I have four more macro keys. (The volume bar and mute button are great tho).


-Can you make an option for the "link to program" profile feature... where it loads the profile when launching the program, then leaves it alone after that?

Or the only other thing it does is close the profile when the program actually closes? Someone like me, who is moving in and out of programs a lot, and the keyboard looks like it's having a seizure, that's kind of frustrating. (Or maybe have it numb profile movement if the user uses alt+tab to focus different programs).


This turned into more complaint than suggestion, but whatever.

I don't like ur face, fix ur face LOLOL :mad:

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