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Carbide Spec-Omega RGB Harddrive Cage


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I finished a custom build up a few months back and in an effort to make the inside look as clean as possible, I did not reinstall the included hard drive cage as I only had an M.2 and an SSD. In hindsight, that was dumb as an HDD would mostly be covered by the power supply shroud.


However, I can't seem to locate the hard drive cage and I am now in need of an additional hard drive for mass storage. I can't find a spare parts list for the Spec-Omega.


Are there any cages that can be confirmed to work in the Spec-Omega? I see many cages available on Corsair's website, but none specifically for Spec-Omega. Yes, I could go external, but would like to go internal and then have an external for backup.



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