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You have a clear drop in fan intensity that appears to correspond with a reduction in coolant temperature (the control variable for the fans). The little graphs on the dashboard can be misleading at times, but you can always see the expanded versions in the graphing tab of the H100i and at selected time intervals.


The CPU is cooled by conducting the heat away via the cold plate on the pump. That is metal to metal heat transfer and how every cooling method works. It is what the cooling method does with that heat that differentiates it from other solutions. Changing fan and pump speed does not affect the rate of conductivity or how much heat your are creating on the pin side of the CPU. It does affect the rate at which the heat can be dissipated elsewhere via the radiator. You only need the fans and pump to change when the coolant temp changes. At the same time, it will continue to run at the specified speeds until the coolant temp returns to the initial levels and you are taking a small temperature penalty until it does. Coolant temperature is the lowest possible CPU temperature with zero voltage. There always will be some Vcore so CPU temps will ride above that even with power saving measures in place.


On a side note, while Quiet pump mode can be useful for a low noise desktop environment, be aware you will take a temperature penalty at load. For most people, you can avoid a fair amount of fan speed change by leaving the pump on Balanced and keeping the coolant 4-7C cooler.

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