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How does balanced fans work a d why do see same numbers as extreme


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Quiet/Balanced/Extreme are all preset fan curves with specific temp X = Fan speed Y data points like any other. It's not a smart curve that senses noise or the stress level of the owner. You can see the data points by clicking on the three "shape tools" in the top right corner of the graph after creating a custom "cooling mode" using the + symbol in the performance tab.


CPU cooling is conductive only, whether you have a tiny air cooler or massive custom system. The heat is created at the pins in the socket, must pass through the CPU heating it up, and then is conducted through the cold plate into some kind of heat dispersion system. That is the cooler and the difference between all the types out there is what it does with the waste heat. You cannot prevent the heat creation at the pins, except of course by eliminating voltage. Effectively, this means your cooler does not cool, but keep the CPU from being hotter than it otherwise would. The longer you run hard, the more heat created, and the more the cooler needs to be able to do. Larger coolers are able to dissipate more heat with less noise.


You don't have any specifications in your profile or your post, so I have no idea what you're working with - CPU or cooler. Regardless, if you are seeing temps at 90C, you need to get into your BIOS and get a handle on your Vcore and other settings.

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