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SDK "Beta" Version in Wallpaper Engine? (Fixes Vengeance Pro RGB Control)


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EDIT (5 (and then 15) minutes after posting): This post was first about the 3.0.171 version, but I'm dumb and forgot to look on Corsair's main website download page for more recent versions of the SDK. So my question of Wallpaper Engine being a higher version is no longer relevant, but the Vengeance issue persists in the official release version 3.0.234. In my defense, the sticky forum post is out of date, which I think I should point out since it's the first thing that comes up when you Google "icue sdk".



So I'm dabbling with the C++ SDK after my foray into the Wallpaper Engine integration, and I noticed that my C++ things weren't detecting my Vengeance Pro RGB RAM modules, but Wallpaper Engine does. iCUE itself also detects and controls the RAM just fine.


Turns out that there are a few differences between the SDK version that Wallpaper Engine is using versus what Corsair has released to the public, specifically in CUESDK.x64_2015.dll, as of the writing of this post (5/31), at which time the SDK version was 3.0.234.


Here are the details of the dll in the SDK, which are as you'd expect:





And here are the details of the dll in the Wallpaper Engine files:




So it looks like the Wallpaper Engine one is a few versions behind, which makes sense. The main differences to notice are the file/product version and the signature. [Edit: the official 3.0.171 version had a couple other minor differences, including the file size and the copyright being by "Corsair Components" and from 2015]


And sure enough, when I replace the dll from the official SDK with the Wallpaper Engine version, my RAM modules are detected and light right up.


Any Corsair employees want to comment on this? I'm mostly posting this so that anyone else who is unable to control their RAM can try what I did to fix it, but also partly to see whether it's just an oversight on Corsair's part.

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