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Is it possible to get two or more macros running at the same time?


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As the title says, is there anyway I can hold down macro#1 and then occasionally press macro#2 without having to let go macro#1? I recently bought a K95, the keyboard feels fan****ingtastic, but I swapped over from Logitech to Corsair for one reason: greater software integration. Everything about the iCUE is good, but one thing that bothers me the most is the inability to run two macros at the same time.


macro1: zhqf

macro2: 134c



There are things that iCUE can do that Logitech Gaming Software cannot, but I guess there are also some limitations to that statement.

If possible, please find a way to replicate how Logitech and Razer are able to run two macros at once. I have done a bit of searching and found out that there are a quite a handful of people that are looking forward to such feature as well but James as the product manager has said that it isn't a priority. And then there are those like me that purchased the product expecting something like this to work properly but ended up being disappointed.

I truly believe that the K95 I purchased alone is great, but the software definitely isn't as bad as what everyone has said it would be either (except the concurrent macro thing I guess).

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