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H100I Platinum SE issues after Firmware Update (RGB)


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I'm having issues with my RGB calibration after updating the firmware and Corsair iCUE last night. I have 5 LL120 white fans (AIO fans RGB is hooked up to the Lighting Node PRO along with the other fans) and Vengence Pro RGB ram and their calibration was not changed with iCUE update.


* White is now no longer calibrated correctly with white, now has a red tint. I had to redo my profile and drag the hue towards blue to even it out to real white. I had to adjust the pump separately to keep it the same as the ram and LL120 fans.


Initially I thought it was just my eyes, but after several restarts its still this way. I thought maybe it was iCUE but after the next issue it made me this its the firmware update


* Rain effect changed after firmware update. Instead of doing the same as the fans and rotating with a "lightning effect" with the LEDS, pump now just pulses in and out. messes up the whole vibe of the actual rain setting and I can no longer use instant lighting on profiles not that the pump is so far off. The interesting thing is iCUE still shows it doing the rotating "lightning" as the LL120 fans but the pump in reality is pulsing.


Now I come here to ask questions and I'm seeing several firmware upgrade issue threads on here which is alarming. everything above worked perfectly before the firmware upgrade. is there a way to downgrade back? or will there be a fix? I have two more computer waiting to be built with these AIOs and I want to make sure they wont have the same issue. I'm sure many people might want to roll it back seeing all the different issues with this recent firmware release effecting the H100i.

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