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Carbide Spec Omega RGB Case (Issues)


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I bought a Carbide Spec Omega RGB case recently and everything works fine, but as soon as i shut down my pc and start it back up icue does not detect the case anymore. It detects my Corsair Void Pro Headset, but not the Case.

I have tried everything.......

I updated the software to the latest version..........nothing

I updated the firmware on both the Headset and Case............nothing

Uninstalled and reinstalled software and updated firmware..........nothing

I did a Repair on the software as well..............nothing

I updated the Corsair HID Device driver in Device Manager............nothing

I have checked cables and all is connected correctly.

I have read all the forums with similar issues and followed all the advice, but nothing seems to work.

I even updated the Bios and tried with Fast Boot Disabled and USB hand off enabled....................nothing

I bought a 3 pack of the HD120mm Fans and added that to my system as well. It worked 100%.


The only way i can get it to work is if i shut down the pc and disconnect the usb 2 header cable from the motherboard and plug it back in. Iv'e switched it around to other headers as well. same story.

When i restart my pc there are no issues it's only when i shut down my pc when this happens.

I'm getting sick and tired of trying to sort this problem out.

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i had a further look on the internet about usb drivers and such. Came across a forum where someone had a similar issue with a corsair device not being detected in icue and some IT guy said he should try downloading original Asmedia USB3.1 drivers for his motherboard. i downloaded the driver and installed it. So far it seems to be working. I'll see what happens in the next few days. If it does not work i will try and switch out the Lightning Nod Pro with the one i got in the box with the 3 HD 120mm Fans and see if it makes a difference.
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