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Unusually high temps with H100i v2


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Hello everyone,


I'm experiencing what I assume are unusually high temperatures using the H100i v2 water cooling system.


The setup is as follows:



This is an older picture, these days there's no HDD anymore (only M.2 SSD) and I moved the soundcard lower and I changed the fans from blow to suck (but still exhaust up out of the case).



Pump: Quiet

Fans: Quiet Preset


While idle with a room temperature of 24.3 °C the CPU reaches temperatures of up to 55-60 °C and water temperatures of 40+ °C.


Using a thermometer I measure 24.5 °C at Sys Fan #1 and about the same directly below the radiator. (I use a thermistor thermometer which is very accurate).


I use a giant 220mm side-fan that sits directly below the radiator, which is why the intake air temperature is about the same as the room temperature (24.3 °C). The temperature above the radiator exhaust is 25.5 °C


So basically:


Sys #1/#3 Intake --> Radiator Intake --> Radiator Exhaust

.......24.2 °C....................24.3 °C..................25.5 °C


I took these measurements just now after cleaning the radiator of any dust that could cause problems.


This is at complete idle:





Doing a stress test on the CPU reaches more than 90 °C! (96 °C until I cancelled the test).


I have felt the radiator, and it seems like only the first 1/4 of it gets warm. The rest is cold. Could it be that the radiator is clogged?


It seems like there's something wrong with my cooler, or am I mistaken?

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You have a flow problem inside the cooler. The coolant temp is about +15C higher than it should be at idle with minimal load and this problem intensifies under load since the heat is not being delivered to the radiator.


Contact Corsair directly through the ticket support system to set up a replacement or replace it with something else of your choosing.

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My CPU has been overheating lately too. My first instinct was to suspect my AIO was starting to fail since nothing else has changed. Immediately after booting up, core temp of 41c, fan speed at 1215rpm and pump speed at 1307 rpm on quiet. After running a CPU stress test for 5 minutes, core temp was throttled at 100c, fan and pump speed both abut 2650 rpm on performance. Even after letting the rest and cool down for 5 minutes afterwards, temps had only dropped about ten degrees keeping on performance.
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Your pump isn't powered properly. The pump speeds you report definitively indicate that.

See section B of the Liquid Cooler FAQ in my signature.


Unfortunately, if you've been running like this for a while, you may have already damaged the cooler.

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Yeah, the Pro coolers are powered by the SATA connection. Properly powering the v2 series coolers was/is an ongoing issue - it wasn't in the installation manual anywhere. Using a SATA connection for power completely eliminates the issue.
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