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iCue issues fan settings


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Yup, known issue that's in the release notes post.


Best thing to do is to save the settings - %AppData%\Corsair\CUE. Personally, I zip the file. Then ... if (when) this happens, close iCUE, restore from the zip file, restart iCUE.


Shutting down before you shut down Windows seems to minimize the issue. Personally, I no longer have iCUE load at startup and check for the size of the file in %AppData%\Corsair\CUE\cooling. If it's 0K, then I know that iCUE ate my fan curves. I'll pull just that file from my zip file, replace it, and launch iCUE.


I'll be really glad when they get this one fixed. It's supposed to be on track for the next version.

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