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Bad VS256MB400?

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I'm using a MSI K7N2 Delta2 with two sticks of VS256MB400. When I had them both installed (slot 1 and 3), the MB gave continues intermittent beeps and would not boot. I reseated both sticks and still had the error. The manual describes the beeps as a ram problem. So I tried one stick at a time in slot 1. It boots fine with my good stick, but the possible bad one still makes the systems unable to boot. Again, I reseated the bad stick and had no luck. Finally, with the good stick in slot 1 and the bad in slot 2, the boot process gets a little farther, but fails on the extended memory check claiming there is a memory error. Where do I go from here?


Also, I purchased this from ZipZoomFly.com a little over a month ago, so I can't use their return service.

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