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Why i need 2 radiators?

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No i clicked the option that im not overclocking. can i get away with 1 radiator?


That would depend on the CPU and GPU your system uses; if they are known to generate a lot of heat, one radiator is applied to each component, to spread thermal dissipation.

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Trying to buy my first custom loop but it stays it's recommended to have 2 radiators https://imgur.com/oTHxEql how's that even works?




According to image I assume you have a 570X case, motherboard and CPU which have a compatible CPU water block and a graphics card which does not have a compatible GPU water block.

Let me know your full system configuration or provide a configuration code from the configurator. Can be found on bottom of configuration overview step.


2 radiators are recommended to provide enough cooling performance to meet requirements for stage 2 (recommended by Corsair).


Why is there a smaller radiator on front?

It seems you have a graphics card model which is long and would prevent installation of pump/reservoir unit with larger radiator installed on front.

To accomodate space for installation of the pump/res unit, configurator reserved space for the pump/res unit and put a largest possible radiator on front position.

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