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Order-check : Corsair Pro One i160 or i165


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Hi all,


almost ready to order a Corsair Pro One i160 or i165, but I have some questions:


- Virtuallink port is available and accessible from inside of the case?

- Thunderbolt 3 is not available?

- Any forthcoming updates on these systems on short notice?

- Grey case option available for the i160 or i165?


Any answers would be nice, before ordering,







- support ticket system does not work for non-owners

Why is that? Prefer a Corsair respond, instead of a forum thread

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  • Corsair Employees

Hey Ceecee,


Sorry for the late response, the Corsair One Pro does not have the VirtualLink port accessible from the case, nor does it have Thunderbolt 3. Our team is still looking into these options for down the line. The grey case is a special release on the i180 only, sorry!

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Thnxs for the reply,


down the line is Q3-4 2019 or 2020?


If these 2 aspects could be made possible afterwards within the same current unit, then I and some others will place an order probably.


- is there a possibility for a thunderbolt express card on the motherboard or an other way?


- is the usb-c port on the gpu accessible? Can I connect a USB-C VR Extension Adapter/Cable for the Rift / Valve or other VRset ? Do I need to drill a hole in the chassis, or is there a ready-made through-put?



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