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Corsair One Pro i180 mods


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I own a Corsair One Elite and was really excited to get the i180 mini beast.


I didn't get all crazy with upgrades but did do those things that don't void the warranty. I changed the fan to an ML140, changed the HDD for a Samsung Evo 860 4TB and installed the memory upgrade.


I ordered the memory on Sunday and even with the US holiday received the kit in 3 days! I have to say that the upgrades were all very simple and straight forward but the knowing space inside the Corsair One makes things a bit challenging for my 57 year old eyes and fingers.


The only hiccup was after installing the ML140 it defaulted to full speed and it took a couple of restarts to get it to settle down. It now runs at a custom 60% (~1200rpm) and maintains an idle temp of about 35C and never exceeds 60C under load.


Thanks Corsair!!!

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