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Classic Corsair K95 Rgb Keyboard - Key modding / Key replacements.


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So I know the question has been asked a million times over, and I have looked at other forum posts in the past - Is it possible to get a whole key set replacement for the Classic K95 Rgb Keyboard with the 18 G-keys.


I looked for key replacements on Corsair's products website and they have full replacements of the classic keys but only for the K70 and Strafe Keyboards, but also on an earlier Forum post a Corsair admin posted links to Corsair's product pages saying original k95 keycap sets could be purchased there.


There isn't actually anything wrong with my current K95 keycaps, and this keyboard has been through a lot so I'm quite impressed.


As a project to go with the rest of my extensive corsair lighting, I wanted to get 'pudding' keycaps for my keyboard, (sides of keys are translucent white plastic so the entire key glows except for the black tops) however I obviously couldn't find a whole kit for the Corsair k95 with 18 G keys.


In an earlier forum post someone posted a video of a guy sanding the sides of his Corsair keys down, just with sandpaper and it actually worked just fine! It had a really good result, and this is my next idea of what I could do.


I don't really want to mess up my only set of Corsair K95 keycaps, so I was going to ask if the Corsair K70 classic keys would fit onto my K95 keyboard, excluding the G-keys? This way I could buy the K70 classic key set replacement and try it with those so I don't mess up my original keys. If not, is there any possible way I could get my hands on a Classic K95 key set without buying another whole Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard??


Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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