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Is G8-K8NF-9 a G8-K8N(all Versions)?


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I have a Gigabyte G8-K8NF-9 motherboard and i want to know if it is compatible with Corsairs memory products. Corsairs sites says their products are compatible with G8-K8N(all versions) and i want to know if my motherboard(G8-K8NF-9) is one of those compatible products.



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I also have the same MB Gigabyte G8-K8NF-9 and bought the Corsair Twinx1024-3200xlpro for my system and have been having problems since putting the system together, I wonder if it is the memory.


I received the Blue screen in Windows : Machine_Check_Exception error and checked the memory using a program called Memory Test and ran it for about 20 min. and it came up with alot of errors.


#1) Error found with word part #85454071, values 2528721782, 2528721780 do not match.


#2) Error found with word part #538420965 or 53841992 (either could be the source)


The program found many errors like the one above only with different numbers.


It had a total of about 12 or so errors in a 20 min. time frame.


I have only had the memory for a month and like I said I started having probles right away after building the new computer.


Could it be that the memory is not right for this motherboard, or maybe a bad stick?



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