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Corsair H150i pro rattling pump noise


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So i have the Corsair H150i pro, since february 2019 and for the past week or so I have this rattling pump noise on a bit on Quiet but mostly on Balanced and Extreme. I paired this AIO with I9 9900k and I need it to run at least on Balanced for a good cooling but this sound seems the pump will break ...



P.S. I have read all the comments on other threads, and followed the indications of moving the radiator top of the case, in front of the case, transitioning through modes: Quiet- Balanced-Extreme (10s each) ...hell, I even picked it up out of the case and just tried to move the radiator slowly and installed the AIO back without success...this sound is crazy upsetting and also the temps are not the same as before, for ex in max load I almost lost 10C....i had the impression something happened and I am using some bios settings but nope....


I haven't used the PC for the past day , and I am prepared to return it to the store (I have like 5years of warranty)..but I would like to continue using the same model as I was pretty happy with it until this noise started to appear.


here is a video, keep in mind the side panel (tempered glass) is not removed, otherwise it would have been even louder...




Anything you would advise?

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