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Crazy light issues with LL120 Fans and Commander pro.


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So i've got 2 LL120 fans, linked in to an 8 bay RGB hub that then goes in to the first light channel in my commander pro.


The commander pro also controls the 2 fans themselves.


For the first 6 months having my setup the lights were working perfect (almost). Sometimes they would change their colour, but it would eventually come back. I control my lighting through the iCue software.


Since the last few firmware updates though its all gone crazy.


The 2nd fan lights don't even come on, and the 1st fan lights pretty much do what they want.


If i set to rainbow it goes super quick, if i set to static colour then most are that colour, but some of the lights flash a different colour. It'll regularly change to do something else.


Same goes for the hardware lighting.


I've unplugged the rgb connectors, and put them in different slots - and then both lights do come on and look normal (one is stuck on rainbow, the other is static) - but i can't control them.


I've shoved a pin in the commander pro to try reset it, but that did nothing.


Is this just a current firmware issue that i have to wait out? I've seen so many reports of issues with these lights - but most are from last year.

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