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new to Corsair RGB builds do I have everything I need?

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Greetings all, its that time again, Time to rebuild my PC


I was doing my research and pretty much fell in love with Corsair's RGB support through ICUE. I have put together a decent outline of parts that I think will make the final cut if my budget permits it.


I have done several PC builds in the past, but never one with RGB support. so I wast entirely sure if I had everything I needed. or if I needed to purchase separately one of those RGB controller panels, I've seen.


I must admit I was disappointed when I learned that Corsair doesn't manufacture motherboards. I was very saddend when I learned that ICUE wouldn't control my mobo lighting.




Also Its been a while since i've done a total rebuild, so I welcome any comments/questions/concerns/tips about the parts I have chosen

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so it appears I Need to purchase a fanhub, to connect to the lightning node Pro,


I did read on there that you where only allowed to use one type of fan per fanhub,


It specified a difference between requiring All SP or All HD:


what does this mean?


My case has 3x LL120 RGB Fans


I have a fourth Corsair LL Series CO-9050071-WW LL120 RGB for the rear of the case


and my CPU liquid cooler is listed as having : 2x 120mm ML PRO Series


I was concerned these might not be compatible since they are different models.

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yup further inspection seems to confirm what I suspected.


fans must all be the same model to be run by the same controller board.


huh. that makes it kind of annoying to coordinate between all the parts. Let me revise my build some more

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good luck man...


Re Mixing fans...


the main one is SP RGB Fans.. absolutely no mixing with Corsairs other RGB fans...


as for HD/LL/ML RGB fans.. yes you can.. but it would mess up some sequential RGB Profiles/Effects due to the differing amounts and indeed placement of the LED's in each of those fans.

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One note - the 680X will come with Lighting Node Pro and Fan Hub, no need to purchase them.

And you can connect the ML fans directly to the Platinum cooler and control them through the cooler. No need to mix channels.

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I just finished a built very similar to yours :)

LL120s are awesome fans, just get a 3 pack and have all 6 match! (thats what I did) For the budget that your allocating, additional 100 bucks would make your setup looking amazing!

just couple of suggestions: You can get Win 10 pro for 29.99 @ brytesoft.com

mechanical Hard Drives are so yesterday and SLOW! and with so many magnets in the cases such as filters, you may want to reconsider that! look in to M.2 SSD

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro look AWESOME! Even better then LL Fans. I wanted to do 32G on 2 stick but then I changed it to 4 sticks for 32G and having all 4 light up close to each other with iCUE it'll be beautiful light show.

Last thing, if you can budget MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad. You'll be very pleased by bringing the synchronized RGB show out of your case to your desk ; )


Corsair is the king of RGB currently and their tempered glass cases are able to suppress the noise from inside like noting we had before. (us who built many cases in the past)

Have fun doing it, looks to be a youtube worthy build :)

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