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Losing Profile(s) After Latest Update - Try This


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Due to the new update deciding it wants to blow away fan profiles from time to time I have taken to putting the profiles and the fan curves into read-only mode unless I am editing something. No this does not prevent ICue from working properly, it'll even let you modify a running profile, it just won't save it unless you remove the read-only permission.


Easiest way to find the right ones if you want to do this is to open 'Run' put this whole line in '%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE', then in the 'Cooling' folder right click and bring up the properties of the files, tick the 'Read-Only' box then apply.


Do the same to the 'CUEPROFILEDATA Files' in the 'Profile" folder. The only files in this folder you want to do this to have a specific format for the naming:


WRONG (Hardware Profiles + Background image):









Just understand that if there is an update to the program or you want to fiddle with settings on a fan curve or LED profile you need to remove the 'read-only' property, only putting back into 'read-only' mode when you want to lock it back up.


So far been a couple days since I lost all the custom fan curves and ICue has been behaving itself, it hasn't even just crashed out of the blue in the last couple days either.


If you are worried about doing something wrong here, don't be, you just blow away the profile and fan configuration files and ICue will create new ones.

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