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AX860i shutdown observations


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I have experienced some shutdowns and I have discovered that the reason for it was nothing to do with the PSU.


My machine was shutting down hard, and my AX860i was showing a red LED. I had to cold power reset the machine.


I noticed my GTX 1060 also has a zero fan and it seems that as the motherboard became too warm, I believe the UEFI shut the machine down to save it from thermal damage


I use a MSI motherboard and MSI Afterburner. So I enabled the custom fan profile and now the video card is constantly active.


With that change, my machine no longer shuts down. The active fan on the video card no longer heats the motherboard and the thermal sensors show it is now cooler in operation.


Now I am of the opinion that the zero fan idea is misguided. The Corsair Link software can make a custom fan profile for the PSU fan which is still quiet but it also keep the unit cooler which should add to the service life generally.

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