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H75 V2 I6700k serie Z170-UD5-TH


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i buy a new watercooling H75 v2, but i wonder that it might by somes troubles:

-at 21 celcius in my room, i get value for RPM (4800) , is it normal ?

-with idle CPU is 32 degre celcius

-with load cpu, i get more than 45 degre celcius, but RPM is raising too 7000, and more noise


by the way , basic witout no load cpu, , i stay 4800 RPM.


may be zeroing to process , how to do on mac or linux ?




NOTa: i have install the image icue dedicated to mac and upgrade, and he didnt find H75, it is normal too ?


thanks for all yours answers

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The H75 is not an “i” cooler, so it will not be detected in iCUE. Also, pump speed is not exactly like a fan, so in some environments the BIOS or other software program may incorrectly read the speed. Nothings spins at 7000 rpm so that suggests an software error. However, you mentioned it changed and that should not happen. The pump on the H75 (2018) is supposed to be SATA powered so the speed should be constant. The fans are not and will be controlled by your motherboard. Hopefully that is the dynamic speed change you see.
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ok i agree the power is prove by the SATA for 12 V supply.


there is a 3 pin, so i thnik, this for monitoring the pump ?


what could be this value ?


i have many noise than before. i am not happy.


by the way you says that icue will not see H75, but is it possible for the zeroin to calibrate the pump with different level of CPU charge ?


witch application could allow calibrate the H75 ?


thanks for your answer

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