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temps with H150i


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I'm looking for some advice on the temps of my computer.


All that I've changed in BIOS:

  • disabled Q-Fan control
  • enabled XMP
  • synced all cores


Otherwise no manual ovclocking on 8700K. No overclocking on my 2080Ti.


I have ICUE installed, not LINK. Attached are temps displayed with this webpage alone open. I also included pics of difference in temp of H150i Pro at Quiet the temp at Extreme fan settings.


I just ran a stress test with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, and very frequently during the test there was power limit throttling. Temps went up to 85-88C on a few cores.


Oh and I've noticed that changing the pump and fan speed in iCUE does almost NOTHING to temperatures. Going from Quiet to Extreme, I see little difference in temperature. Is the watercooler not functioning correctly?


I see setups online where people are playing games and their H150i prevents the CPU from exceeding even 40/50C under load. Mine will reach max temps of 85-88 on some cores under load. How is there such a huge discrepancy with the watercooler?





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People with a delidded 8700K get game temps under 50C - in Winter. Too many games with varying loads to make that a benchmark.


What you are showing us in the fan panel is the coolant temperature. It is not supposed to be very dynamic. It’s job is to transport waste heat and move it somewhere else. It can’t prevent heat from being created at the cpu socket and that is the temperature you think of as cpu temperature. The cooler just keeps it from being worse. The lowest possible coolant temp is your case temp, so if it is 32C inside the box, that is as low as it goes no matter fan or pump speed. Do be careful with the Quiet pump speed. It will offer a temperature penalty in exchange for ultra low noise. Most pumps don’t run that low. I usually advise people to put the pump on Balanced and leave it. You won’t see benefits at Extreme. You will hear more noise.


You may not be willingly overclocking, but you have an Asus board so I suspect you are. There is a setting called Multi-Core Enhancement (MCE) in the BIOS. It sets all your cores to the turbo multiplier setting and thus automatically overclocks. As usual, it goes heavy on the voltage to make sure even the worst cpu will make it and thus is more than you need. Run XTU for a minute and see where the Vcore tops out in iCUE. Auto voltage is not viable on 8700K or any other recent offering.

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