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Twinx1024-3200ll + D875pbz

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I've got a TWINX1024-3200LL kit running in my Intel Bonanza board (D875PBZ). I left the BIOS settings to defaults, i.e. auto-configure. Nothing is OC'ed (wouldn't even know how with that board). The kit runs fine in dual channel and everything, however after I ran memtest86 for 48 hours it reported about 50 errors with 2 different addresses. The bitmask for one address was always the same, the other address was listed with 2 different non-matching bits.


Since it's only 2 addresses I figured it can't be a RAM-socket problem or CPU problem or similar. Now - is there anything worth trying to get that RAM to work correctly? Higher voltage, different timing?


I'd really like to keep the RAMs since I'm from austria and I fear RMA would take a looong time because of shipping times etc. - so I'd really like to avoid that. Also I've looked for any way to exclude single pages of memory under windows - but as it seems windows (2000) can't do it :-(


Best Regards,



p.S.: it's only the 2 DIMMs of the TWINX1024-3200LL kit in the first sockets of the two channels - the other 2 DIMM sockets are free, a D875PBZ as mentioned, a 3GHz prescott (the D875PBZ revision is O.K., checked that), a 450W power supply - if something else is important let me know

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I already have the latest BIOS (P33). So I set the DDR Voltage to 2.775V, switched off the PC, on again; Then I ran memtest86+ 1.51 (the one from the link you posted). Either the higher voltage coocked my RAM or it was coincidence, but now I'm getting an error at a new address that's error count goes up every 2-3 seconds when testing the full 1024MB. Before that I got 1 error every ~1 hour...

I also tried to change the voltage back to 2.625 - didn't change anything, still the new error. I even tried to disable that "CPC Override" thing and set the requency to 320MHz - didn't help either.


The settings I used to run memtest86+ 1.51:


CPC Override: Disabled

Speed: 400Mhz (then tried 320)

tCL=2.0 (then tried 2.5)




Memory Refresh Cycle Time=12 cycles

Memory R/W delay=2 cycles

Memory R/W timing=6 cycles

DDR Voltage=2.775 (then tried 2.725, 2.675, 2.625)


No luck with either setting...

The new error is at address 504M.something. When I test 490M-510M I get errors faster than I can count - when I test 700M-720M I don't get a single error for 10 minutes+ - so I think we can also rule out the CPU...?


Is there some place in austria/germany or europe at all that I can send my RAM to? Thanks for the fast answer BTW.


Best Regards,


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